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MULI transporter product features

Efficiency through versatility


REFORM MULI are designed as automotive machines for reliable use in rough sloped terrain and score with their formidable terrain capability, maximum safety, and high operation and driving comfort. The tried and tested vehicle concept with 4 equally sized wheels and the connection of front and rear carriage by the pivoting link set unequalled standards. 


The chassis of the Reform Muli is designed for versatility. It offers 4 full attachment areas for a variety of attachments top mounted on or via 3-point mounting.




1: Main frame for top mounted attachments (self-loading trailer, spreader, 3-side tipper, water container, crane)

2: Front linkage with/without front PTO (snow plough, rotary disc mower, twin-blade mower, washing boom)

3: Platform frame behind the cab (crane)

4: Rear linkage and rear PTO (fertiliser spreader, shrub cultivator) 


These attachments can of course be used in combination.


Further outstanding features of the Reform MULI at a glance:











Unrivalled climbing capability

The MULI chassis is famous for its low centre of gravity in the base structure.

The integrated design of the connection of front and rear section facilitates lowest dead weight with highest payload.

Steep slopes and difficult terrain are the specialty of the Reform MULI.



Safety on slopes

Easy and safe manoeuvring in the field with the  patented closed chassis design.

Tension free pivoting of the chassis increases safety on slopes. Smooth, fast and easy gear change is easy on the soil and provides constant contact of the wheels to the ground. Work on slopes and in road traffic requires sufficient reserves in the brake system. The REFORM Mulis have internally ventilated disk brakes (T6 – T9), with forceful action in any situation and more safety in operation.


Mechanical gearbox

  • Tried and tested 16/8 gearbox, or 24/8 with creep speed
  • F/R via gear lever 
  • Preselectable splitting to protect the drive train
  • Simultaneous shifting (1–4) and splitting (I–II)
  • Short, exact shifting travels for precise gear selection and quick manoeuvring





Compact dimensions

Driving through narrow streets and lanes is no issue for the Reform MULI. Low overall height and matched attachments open up a wide range of application for these special purpose transporters.






Central tube design with pivoting link

The pivoting central joint between front and rear axles takes care that all 4 wheels have permanent ground contact, ensuring safe driving behaviour in any situation. Permanent 4 wheel drive with lockable centre differentialprovides maximum power transfer and optimal soil protection in the field. 


  • The chassis adjusts to any terrain and operating conditions
  • Permanent ground contact of all 4 driving wheels
  • Provides safe driving behaviour in any situation in the field as well as on the road, irrespective of the load
  • Cab plus front axle pivots with respect to top mounted device with rear axle, to safely feel its way forward in difficult terrain.
  • No additional mudguards necessary, closed design with optimally used package space 





Figure 1



Figure 2


Portal axles 

The portal axles of the Muli, tried and tested a thousand times over, with differential locks, provide largest possible ground clearance and enormous terrain capability with low centre of gravity. They ensure neat and gentle pick-up of high swaths.


Figure 1 shows the sprung front axle with internally ventilated disk brake


Figure 2 shows the fixed rear axle with the reduction gear and internally ventilated disk brake



Low centre of gravity 

  • Extreme climbing capability
  • Excellent hill capability
  • Maximum soil protection
  • Stability in lateral drives through reduction gears in the portals



The Reform MULI chassis



The chassis concept of the REFORM transporters impresses with reliable technology and universal application.

Front and rear section are linked by a pivoting joint, forming the robust chassis, on which a wide variety of attachments can

be mounted.


The outstanding qualities of the Muli chassis at a glance:

  • Low dead weight implemented
  • High payload
  • Quick release system for top mounted devices
  • Patented automatic quick release system for mounting and removing of attachments 
  • No handling of heavy cardan shafts
  • Closed design, intrinsically protected drive elements (winter services, environmental influences)