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The new REFORM Metrac H75

Versatility in all seasons, extreme suitability for slopes and high economic efficiency. The REFORM Metrac has been in series production since 1965 and is used with great success in mountain farming and municipal technology. With the new Metrac H75, this success story is now being continued in a worthy manner.

Safety on any terrain
The suitability of the Metrac for use on slopes has been further improved by mounting the engine and cab at centre of gravity height. In addition, the oscillation of the front axle (up to 15°) always ensures maximum ground contact. The hydrostatic travel drive allows infinitely variable adjustment of the travel speed to the respective working conditions and allows smooth, jerk-free starting, even on slopes.

Central controls with a high level of comfort
The operation of the new Metrac H75 convinces with the ergonomic armrest with the multifunction joystick and the central "R-Com" rotary control. The armrest is permanently attached to the driver's seat and thus enables comfortable and precise working even on extreme slopes. The continuously variable hydrostatic drive ensures safety and comfort in every driving situation thanks to the permanent flow of power.

Economy through easier maintenance and modern engine
In terms of economy, the new Metrac H75 scores points with free access and simplified maintenance of important vehicle components such as the cooling system, engine, electronics and driver's cab. The new Metrac H75 is powered by a state-of-the-art Perkins Stage 5 engine, which combines power and torque with reasonable fuel consumption.

Protecting the environment and soil
The electronically controlled hydrostatic travel drive ensures optimum efficiency and creates the right balance between required power and consumption. If less power is required, the driver can also switch to the "Eco Mode". The optimised off-road chassis and the intelligent all-wheel drive system of the new Metrac H75 ensure sufficient traction and ground protection in all situations.

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