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Metron P48 RC - a reliable partner, also in winter

The heavy snowfalls at the beginning of the year enabled the REFORM development team to carry out extensive performance tests with regard to the winter maintenance cultivation programme.

The metre-high snow masses could be used intensively to put the winter suitability to the acid test with snow blowers and snow ploughs. 

The result is very promising: the compact design of the Metron has proved its worth, especially when clearing snow in narrow lanes and on forest roads.

When high power is required, such as clearing with a snow blower, the combustion engine supplies the PTO shaft with sufficient power to effortlessly remove even the heaviest snow masses. When snowploughing pavements, the emission-free, purely electric drive scores highly. Particularly in residential areas, along hospitals or old people's and nursing homes, the Metron scores with its low-noise operating noise. The volume level is similar to that of manual snow clearance using a snow shovel. Operation from a safe distance has also proven to be advantageous, as the user is not directly exposed to the danger of roof avalanches or falling icicles on the roof edges. 

Further tests with a snow clearance/spreading combination are on the test plan. A spreading device (salt, brine or rolled chippings) is attached to the third attachment area, which further increases the impact force of the Metron by the combination of operations.