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Ready for spring with the REFORM Muli T10 X and Muli T10 X HybridShift

Even though all companies are working in emergency operation during the current corona crisis, nature is not letting up. Spring is now showing its best side with the first spring flowers and its warming sunrays. In the municipal environment, a lot of work has to be done during this time. The Muli T10 X and the Muli T10 X HybridShift from REFORM are the best companions for this.

When winter finally gives way to spring and the last snow has disappeared, the work around sweeping, cleaning of the road boundary and removal of the snow poles set in autumn begins. As a multifunctional tool carrier, the Muli is ideal for all these tasks. With the possibility of attaching a wide variety of equipment, it is a true all-rounder.

While still on the road in winter with a snow plough and salt spreader, the machine is quickly converted to the requirements in spring, whether it is a sweeper, a tipper-crane combination or a container changing system in general. The possibilities are very diverse.

But not only that, the professional in municipal technology also offers high payloads with compact dimensions, a large loading area and enormous manoeuvrability thanks to all-wheel steering. But these are just a few of the attributes that distinguish the two models Muli T10 X and Muli T10 X HybridShift.

The two models are powered by a turbo diesel engine with the latest exhaust gas stage 5. 80 kW (109 hp) and a torque of 420 Nm at 1100 rpm. The enormous torque increase of 43% is particularly evident in the high pulling power. Even starting up on steep roads under full load becomes child's play. This is further supported by the standard proportional spring-loaded brake, which enables very sensitive brake release.

A mechanical 16/8 manual gearbox is fitted as standard in the Muli T10 X. The Muli T10 X HybridShift, on the other hand, has a hydro-mechanical travel drive, which combines the advantages of a hydrostatic drive in work mode and a mechanical drive in road mode. The special feature is that the two drives can be operated independently of each other, thus combining the best of both worlds for every work assignment.

Comfort is not neglected either! Both vehicles are equipped with hydro-pneumatic suspension with level control, which ensures a high level of driving comfort for all applications. An ergonomically arranged cockpit allows fatigue-free working and always gives the best view of the attachments.

Last but not least, when it comes to maintenance and service, everything speaks for the municipal professional from REFORM. A tilting cab fitted as standard as well as a maintenance flap at the front for daily inspection reduce above all the costs and time required for maintenance. Which in turn has a positive effect on the budget.