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Congratulations to our winners!

Dear Reformers! If your entry is among the winners, you can look forward to a prize.
Have a look at your electronic mailbox. Have fun clicking through the best REFORM
moments of our fans!

Winners of the first competition week

Robin Rombach, Germany

Karin Kuprian, Austria

Wim Margelisch, Switzerland

Armin Riedi, Switzerland

Josef Klammer, Austria

Jan Plattner, Italy

Sebastian Juen, Austria

Arnaud Genand, France

Daniel Schlatter, Austria

Daniel Ambauen, Switzerland

Matt Clark, England

Winners of the third week of the competition

Jean-Daniel Kaempfen, Switzerland

Gerhard Müller, Austria

Manuel Arnold, Switzerland

Raimund Berger, Austria

Baseli Berther, Switzerland

Daniela Sturzenegger, Austria

Milena Micic, Austria

Silvan Bucher, Switzerland

Petra Fuchsluger, Austria

Regina Huber, Austria

Josef Strasser, Austria

David Hinteregger, Austria

Winners of the second competition week

Christian Bircher, Switzerland

Dietmar Schölzhorn, Italy

Herbert Lechner, Austria

Thomas Mair, Italy

Bernhard Prantauer,Austria

Hannes Stampfer, Italy

Jani Frischknecht, Switzerland

Jan Wohlwend, Liechtenstein

Patrick Pernthaler, Italy

Christian Bernet, Switzerland

Simone Vallaster, Austria

Winners of the fourth competition week

Toni Michael, Switzerland

Verena Ludwig, Italy

Thomas Sommerer, Austria

Ruedi Brunner, Switzerland

Nico Asal, Germany

Thomas Tuppinger, Austria

Felix Kuratli, Switzerland

Barbara Wyssen-Leiggener, Switzerland

Brigitte Bissig, Switzerland

Tina Gmür, Switzerland