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Attachment areas

With three full-featured attachment areas, the Metron can be configured as a compact all-rounder.

The three attachment areas

The Metron is equipped with a front linkage and hybrid PTO as standard. A rear linkage is optionally available. There is a third attachment area on top of the vehicle. This means that three full-featured attachment areas are available for various functional tools and attachments.

Front linkage

The front linkage has a Cat. 1 three-point attachment frame with hook end or quick coupler. In contrast to conventional tool carriers, the lifting force is not generated by hydraulic components, but by electric servomotors. Any attachments up to 450 kg total weight can be installed and operated easily. To implement various special attachment features, such as side shift or rotary movement, a 16-pin plug socket is provided at the front of the vehicle, which supplies the tool with 48 V operating voltage and also provides communication via the CAN bus. A gas pressure damper mounted on the front linkage provides mechanical weight compensation for the tool, ensuring optimum ground adjustment, reduced load on the attachment and better traction.

Hybrid PTO

The six-tooth 1 1/8-inch hybrid PTO is located at the front of the vehicle and is also included as part of the standard equipment. It provides 540 and 1,000 rpm. The direction of rotation, viewed in forward direction of travel, is to the right. The special feature of this PTO is its ability to run either fully electrically, via the combustion engine or via a combination of the two. The heart of the PTO is the mechanical REFORM gearbox. When low power is required, the electric motor drives the PTO gearbox - quietly and emission-free. Depending on the load, the combustion engine can then be conveniently switched on via the wireless remote control, which is particularly useful for longer periods of work. For maximum power, the petrol engine and electric motor work together (boost function).

Rear linkage

On request, the Metron can be equipped with a Cat. 1 rear linkage. This is designed in the same way as the front linkage, as a three-point linkage with hook ends or quick couplers. Lifting in this case is also via electric servomotors and there are no hydraulic components at all. To operate special features on the attachment, there is a 16-pin socket on the rear of the vehicle. The lifting capacity of the rear linkage is approx. 400 kg. The length of the coupling points on both the front and rear linkage can be adjusted - the lift travel is 140-520 mm on each.

Mounting frame

Lighter attachments or equipment to secure the vehicle can be attached to the third attachment area - the mounting frame on top of the vehicle. Suitable attachments include, for example, lighter salt, pesticide or fertiliser spreaders, water tanks, winches or sensors for automated operation.