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Service and maintenance

The Metron works - guaranteed! If anything does not run smoothly, Reform provides help quickly and competently.

Low maintenance

The Metron has been designed to be as low-maintenance as possible. The electric components in particular, such as the wheel motors and servomotors for steering and the linkages, have a robust design, long service life, and are maintenance-free. Eliminating the hydraulic oil and the associated oil change intervals is a major advantage when it comes to maintenance. The reversible fan cooling technology also prevents the fresh air supply blocking, thereby preventing overheating.


Generous opening flaps ensure easy accessibility to the components that require regular servicing (engine, PTO, radiator). This means that minor maintenance and oil changes can be done quickly and easily – saving time and money. If necessary, the batteries can also be easily removed and replaced with new batteries.

Customer service

In the unlikely event that an accident occurs and the machine does not function as expected, the Reform customer service department is always happy to help. Whether phone support, on-site customer service, or at our factory. Our authorised workshops and dealers are specially trained to work with the Metron, and always endeavour to eliminate any problems quickly and safely.