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Mounty chassis

The sturdy steel frame structure of the REFORM Mounty guarantees high strength despite its compact design.

Mounty chassis

The Mounty consists of a stable steel frame structure, which guarantees high strength with a compact design. This robust system can be used to mount a wide variety of attachments. The concept has 4 wheels of the same size and steering axles are installed at the front axle and the rear axle. Both axles have the same steering angle. This ensures maximum manoeuvrability.

Frame design

The solid steel frame makes a compact design, low centre of gravity and ideal weight distribution possible. The linkages are integrated in the frame. The steel frame absorbs the forces introduced by the attachments, relieving other key components such as the engine and axles. This carrier frame is the essential difference compared to “standard tractors” in this performance class.

Final drive - Four-wheel drive - Locks

Robust driving/steering axles with planetary gear final drives provide high pulling force and gentle power transfer. The power impact on the drive shafts is lower, which protects the drive train.

The four-wheel drive can be switched on to provide maximum traction in the field via optimal distribution of the driving power to both axles. For safe parking, the vehicle electronics switch on four-wheel drive when the engine is switched off.

The differential locks at the front and rear axles are switched electro-hydraulically. Both locks have a 100% locking effect and can cope with any situation.

Wheels and tyres

The signature of the Mounty – its four wheels of the same size – are what make the Mounty unique. The advantages of the wheels are obvious – maximum manoeuvrability, perfect pulling power, low centre of gravity, soil protection, and much more.

The large selection of tyre types with various special profiles delivers maximum traction, low ground pressure, and reliable turf protection. They provide grip on difficult soils and steep slopes.

The following wheel options are possible:

  • Narrow tread low pressure tyres for maximum soil protection
  • Agricultural tyres for high pulling performance and high stability
  • Turf tread for intensive lawn care
  • Road tread

12.5 R20

275-80 R20

360/80 R20

405/70 R20

420/65 R20

425/55 R17

440/50 R17


Steering and steering modes

The hydrostatic steering system with four steering modes is the cherry on the cake for this chassis concept. You can switch steering mode conveniently at the push of a button, even while driving. The Mounty has 4 steering modes: Front steering, rear steering, 4 wheel steering, and crab steering.

The four different steering modes make the Mounty extremely agile. Shorter turning times can save a lot of time, and therefore money, when working. 

Sensors report straight wheel alignment to the automatic steering system, providing fully automated switching e.g., from front-wheel to 4 wheel steering and vice versa. For crab steering, you can set the steering angle of the rear axle using a potentiometer, which you can then mirror via levers after turning. This mirroring of the crab steering makes it easy to turn at the headland and to use the crab steering in the other direction.