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Powerful Mounty drive train

The hydrostatic drive is stepless, ensuring maximum driving comfort and safety.

Hydrostatic drive

The hydrostatic drive with 3 speed ranges delivers continuous adjustment of the driving speed to the working conditions and provides additional safety on slopes thanks to continuous traction. The speed levels can be preselected electro-hydraulically.

Two different driving modes are available for selection depending on the application and requirements:

  • Manual driving mode
    The driving speed and engine speed can be manually adjusted to the conditions with the multi-function control lever and the accelerator pedal
  • Transport mode for road trips
    When EcoMode is engaged, the engine speed is reduced, thereby optimising fuel consumption. The power limit control is a special feature of the Mounty 110 V.


The Mounty 110 V has an inching pedal, as an additional control element for the hydrostatic drive. This is used as an active safety device to stop the vehicle quickly and instinctively. The inching pedal can also be used to fine-tune the driving speed.

The hydrostatic drive is from the diesel engine to the variable pump, which together form a hydraulic circuit, and from there operates mechanically on the wheels.


The Mounty 110 V is equipped with a front and a rear PTO. They are switchable under load and have an automatic soft-start feature. The direct drive train ensures efficient use of front and rear attachments with maximum efficiency. The PTO direction of rotation is the same as on standard tractors, so existing attachments can be used without retrofitting.

The front PTO runs at 1,000 rpm, while 540 and 750 rpm are available for the rear PTO.