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Super powerful Mounty engine

The Mounty 110 V excels with a powerful 4-cylinder VM 109 hp engine.

Engine technology

The flexible and extremely efficient 4-cylinder diesel engine utilises a very high torque over a wide range of engine speed and excels with enormous engine output. The high torque also makes it efficient to use. The 109 hp engine is equipped with turbocharger, intercooling, exhaust gas recirculation, diesel particulate filter, and common rail direct injection technology.

A reversible fan can optionally be installed. This makes quick cleaning of installed ventilation grilles possible by turning the fan blades. This operation is also possible during work, saving a lot of time.

Exhaust gas treatment

The engine made by VN comes with exhaust gas recirculation and a diesel particulate filter. This equipment meets the legal requirements for level 3B. The regenerating particle filter reduces soot emissions by over 98%. The system also absorbs and eliminates 99.9% of fine particulate matter.

Engine location

The frame design reduces the forces acting on the vehicle. The engine and cab are mounted on silent blocks, protecting the engine and driver from high-frequency vibrations.