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Attachments for green space maintenance

The REFORM Mounty shows its strengths when it comes to maintaining green spaces. High manoeuvrability thanks to real 4 wheel steering and four equally-sized wheels provide the best conditions for use in green space maintenance. The low weight, the large tyres and the ideal weight distribution ensure optimum soil protection even on steep slopes.

Flail mower

A flail mower has a traditional role in green space maintenance. Depending on material, different tools are used. These ensure appropriate shredding and distribution of the mowed material, ensuring optimum rotting. Thanks to the compact and weight-optimised design of the flail mowers, work is no problem even on steep slopes.

Technical data: 

  • Working width from 2.2 to 2.3 m
  • 1 rotor with 18 to 72 tools
  • Weight from 660 kg
  • 3-point linkage Cat. I/II
  • Drive 1,000 rpm

Extension arm boom flail mower

Extension arm boom flail mowers are ideal for maintaining roadside greenery or narrow embankments. A boom with a reach of 4.5 m and a 900 mm-wide mulching head means that small surfaces and embankments can be perfectly tilled. In combination with the front flail mower, the Mounty becomes a very powerful mower unit.

The boom can also be equipped with a pruner and can therefore be used for hedge maintenance as well. The extension arm boom flail mower is driven by an on-board hydraulic system driven by a PTO. The boom arm is operated easily and conveniently via a joystick.

Technical data: 

  • Working width 900 mm
  • Boom range 4.5 m (middle of vehicle/middle of mower head)
  • Hydraulic drive via the on-board hydraulic system
  • Weight from 500 kg
  • 3-point linkage Cat. I/II
  • Drive 540 rpm

Side flail mower

The side flail mowers are mounted on the rear linkage. Located on the side, it is also possible to work easily and safely along trench edges. The side flail mowers are mechanically driven by the PTO and can be swivelled hydraulically. Combined with a front-mounted flail mower, the working width can be increased up to 4 m, which increases the acreage performance.

Technical data: 

  • Working width 1.25 to 1.8 m
  • Mechanical drive
  • Swivel range + 90O / - 50O
  • Weight from 450 kg
  • 3-point linkage Cat. II
  • Drive 540 rpm

Forestry mulcher

The maintenance of slopes often requires the use of a forestry mulcher to remove wood and scrub. A solid frame structure provides the necessary stability. An additional frame makes it possible to push the wood.
The solid rotor with freely oscillating tools makes uniform shredding of the material possible.

Technical data: 

  • Working width 1.8 m
  • Mechanical or hydraulic drive
  • Weight from 700 kg
  • 3-point linkage Cat. I/II
  • Drive 1,000 rpm