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Attachments for mountain agriculture

The REFORM Mounty perfectly handles the wide range of tasks in mountain agriculture. A wide variety of attachments or trailers can be connected to the different attachment areas. With its low power-to-weight ratio, excellent terrain mobility and high manoeuvrability, the Mounty is an ideal workhorse for mountain agriculture.

Rotary disc mower

Modern Alpine rotary disc mowers have a compact design and low weight. The rotary disc mowers excel with a clean cut, even at high speeds. With working widths of up to 3 m, large acreage performance is possible.

Technical data: 

  • Working width from 2.6 to 3.04 m
  • 4 to 7 mowing discs with 2 blades each
  • Weight from 400 kg
  • 3-point linkage Cat. I/II
  • Drive 1,000 rpm

Rotary tedder

The versatile Alpine rotary tedders are indispensable for forage harvesting. Mounted on a Reform Metrac, Muli or Mounty, even steep surfaces can be easily worked by machine. Attached to the 3-point rear linkage, it is easy to manoeuvre even in narrow passages. Depending on the model and operating conditions, 4- or 6-rotary tedders are suitable.

Technical data: 

  • Working widths from 3 to 6 m
  • 4 or 6 rotary harrows
  • Weight from 300 kg
  • 3-point linkage Cat. I/II
  • Drive 540 rpm

Side delivery belt rake

Side delivery belt rakes are ideal for swathing and gathering hay on slopes. Their compact and light-weight design delivers a very low operating weight, so they can be used in virtually all locations. The short mounting and perfect ground adjustment of the Reform angle swing lift delivers the very highest raking quality and excellent forage protection. Equipped with up to 14 tine arms and working widths from 2.5 to 2.7 m, the side delivery belt rakes can be individually adapted to the Mounty.

Technical data: 

  • Working width from 2.5 to 2.7 m
  • 13 or 14 tine arms
  • 8 or 10 tines per tine arm
  • Weight from 340 kg
  • 3-point linkage Cat. I/II 
  • Drive 1,000 rpm

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Front or rear bucket

With the transport bucket, which can be mounted on either the front or rear hydraulics, the Mounty masters a range of light transport tasks. Equipped with a liftgate, even bulk goods can be loaded easily.

Technical data: 

  • Width from 2 m
  • Tilting
  • 6 lashing points
  • 2-cylinder system single-acting
  • Weight from 324 kg
  • Payload 2,500 kg
  • 3-point linkage Cat. II