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Attachments for transport

The REFORM Mounty can be used for a variety of transport tasks. The focus is on loading work with the front-end loader, but transport tasks with trailers can also be handled easily. A trailer brake provides the necessary deceleration.

Front-end loader

The front-end loader makes the Mounty 110 V a flexible loader. Thanks to 4 wheel steering and a compact design, the Mounty can also perfect for very narrow conditions. Equipped with various tools, it can be used flexibly to load and transport a wide variety of goods. Whether with a shovel, tongs or pallet fork, there are practically no limits to the applications.

Front or rear bucket

With the transport bucket, which can be mounted on either the front or rear hydraulics, the Mounty masters a range of light transport tasks. Equipped with a liftgate, even bulk goods can be loaded easily.