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Attachments for winter service

PTO drive makes a wide range of winter service applications possible with the REFORM Mounty. Whether clearing or loading snow, the Mounty feels at home everywhere. The compact dimensions, the high manoeuvrability, the clear layout and the powerful engine guarantee efficient working.


Snow plough

The snow plough is an important attachment for winter service. Single-blade snow ploughs with hydraulic angle adjustment are used to suit the task. The split Vario snow ploughs means that the snow plough can be used either as a V or side plough. They are particularly suitable for clearing narrow paths or squares. Operation is convenient via the joystick. The snow ploughs are mounted on either the linkage or the attachment plate.

Technical data: 

  • Working width 2.4 to 2.8 m
  • 1- or 2-bladed
  • Hydraulic side or V position
  • Weight from 410 kg
  • 3-point linkage Cat. II
  • Attachment plate
  • Hydraulic swivelling

Snow blower

Snow blowers are often used to efficiently clear large volumes of snow. Thanks to the mechanical PTO drive, the Reform Mounty can remove even very large volumes of snow with ease. The large cutting drums and the aggressive impellers give the snow blowers very high displacement performance. A working width of up to 2.2 m ensures efficient snow clearance, even for large amounts of snow.

The driver adjusts the discharge chute, the flaps and the lateral inclination using the ergonomic joystick.

Technical data: 

  • Working width up to 2.2 m
  • Shredding rotor diameter 65 to 72 cm
  • Impeller diameter 70 cm
  • Weight from 680 kg
  • 3-point linkage Cat. II

Three-point self-loading spreader

Combined with the compact 3-point self-loading spreader, the Reform Mounty can be used to spread salt or grit. Combined with a snow plough or a snow blower, the road can be cleared and spread in one run. The hydraulic self-loading device means that the material to be spread can be loaded independently by a loading vehicle. With a capacity of 0.7 m³, even longer distances can be handled in a single run.

Technical data: 

  • Spreading agents: Grit or salt
  • Sowing width 0.8 to 3 m
  • Weight from 420 kg
  • 3-point linkage Cat. II
  • Hydraulic drive