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The multi-functional Mounty workplace

High-quality materials and clearly arranged controls and display units in the cockpit make driving and operating very convenient.


A comfortable workplace is crucial for fatigue-free, concentrated work. Excellent ease of use is particularly important for different applications in critical situations. The driver must be able to find the important functions intuitively. All cabs can be customised with different features.

A wide entrance with a wide-opening door makes it easy to get in and out. Thanks to the low overall height, the driver can easily access the workplace. Large windows at the front and sides, as well as the sliding windows at the rear, guarantee an excellent view in all directions. The tinted window glass further increases comfort.


Multi-function operation with one hand! The driver controls the most important hydraulic functions and the direction of travel conveniently and at the touch of a button with the multi-function control lever. The correct driving speed and direction can also be selected steplessly, independent of the engine speed and under load.

The side control panel provides the driver with further hydraulic functions – clearly arranged and colour-coded – such as linkage deactivation, front weight compensation, vibration damping or oil engine operation (depending on the requested version of the hydraulic system).

The functional layout of the controls guarantees great comfort when driving and operating and ensures that the driver can fully focus on his/her work. Clearly separated indicator and warning lights continuously provide you with essential information.



The vibration-damped cab ensures that the driver is actively protected from high-frequency vibrations. The noise-absorbing interior trim also provides protection from excessive background noise.

The powerful cab heating and the air conditioning integrated in the roof provide a comfortable working environment in both summer and winter service. The heated windscreen and heated rear-view mirrors are recommended as optional accessories, especially for winter service.

A stereo radio makes the working day even more pleasant (option).

Seat comfort

The large selection of different seats means there is the right seat for every driver, whether with cloth or leatherette cover, with mechanical suspension or as air-cushioned comfort seat. A Wippomat is available on request for many models.

The optional electric seat swivel mechanism ensures that the driver is always in an ergonomic and upright seating position, even in the steepest terrain.