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Alpine tourism


A cultivated landscape and functioning infrastructure are the basis for successful Alpine tourism.

And a large number of people work every day in the tourist regions to achieve these ends. REFORM vehicles help them in their demanding task with reliability and flexibility.


Caring for the cultivated landscape on Alpine terrain is a particularly difficult task. The maintenance and cultivation of the ski slopes in the vegetation period pose special challenges for vehicles and drivers.


Light, agile vehicles protect the turf, ensure safety on the slopes and can be used efficiently. Well-maintained ski resorts are important building blocks for a successful ski season and are pleasant landscapes for leisure activities in the summer as well.

Infrastructure/area maintenance

No matter what the season, tourism relies on functioning infrastructure all year round. In winter, walkways have to be cleared and car parks cleared of snow and ice. In spring, you need clean streets free of grit and dirt.


Well-tended parks and flowerbeds are expected in the summer, making mowing and watering the major tasks over the season. It goes without saying that visitors expect fallen leaves to be removed in autumn as well. All this means daily challenges for those working in tourist regions.

REFORM provides exactly the right solutions to fulfil the tasks of alpine tourism safely, efficiently and ecologically.


Agile, compact and lightweight vehicles provide a high degree of safety for all applications – in narrow alleys and on the steep slopes of the mountains. To work safely and ergonomically in every situation, REFORM vehicles are characterised by easy operation.


Versatility and a range of different attachment options are the basis for a high level of efficiency. Using REFROM throughout the year also helps to boost return on investment.


The gentle care of vegetation fosters biodiversity and attracts tourists. REFORM provides exceptionally ecological solutions for a wide range of requirements.

The lightweight design of REFORM vehicles protects the soil. The turf of vegetation remains intact even on wet soil.

The use of the latest engine generations as well as bio hydraulic oils preserve the environment.

Year-round use

Slope maintenance

Mowers and mulchers are often used to control the growth of vegetation. REFORM Metrac and Mounty are perfectly suited to every maintenance task on slopes. REFORM has an extensive selection of different mowing devices for single- and two-axle mowers, as well as forestry mulchers for managing undergrowth. In combination with an overseeder, even the steepest areas can be turned into beautiful greens.


REFORM vehicles handle transportation with ease and safely, even under difficult conditions. The REFORM Boki scores points with its narrow width and 4 wheel steering even in very tight spaces. The REFORM Muli delivers a superb payload/gross weight ratio. The formidable terrain capability, four wheel drive and unique REFORM chassis allow the Muli to transport equipment for the construction of ski resorts with ease. The Mounty, with its exceptional manoeuvrability, can be used to load material even in the tightest spaces.

Area maintenance

Road brushes can be used with all REFORM products. Equipped with water tanks, the Muli and Boki can be used flexibly to irrigate flower arrangements and clean squares. REFORM vehicles can also be used to maintain your many green spaces with mowing and leaf disposal.

Winter service

Winter is the most challenging season for Alpine tourism. All REFORM products are ideally suited to winter service. Whether with snow blower, snow plough, salt or grit spreader, from a single axle mower to the Muli and Boki transporters, there is always the right attachment for your application.