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Water management


A functional turf for dams and dykes contributes significantly to stability. Green slope surfaces are necessary to prevent erosion. For this reason, regular cutting is important to obtain favourable plant communities.

Adequate mowing is required for maintenance of the shore vegetation of meadows and higher growing plants in order to control the vegetation. To prevent the crop from being carried away by floods and to reduce the nutrient content of the soil, the crop is transported away. In case of higher growing plants, regular mowing prevents excessive growth of shrubs. Areas already covered with bushes are made arable again by flailing. (Source: Federal Ministry of Agriculture Austria, Water Management Office Salzburg)


Stable compensation surfaces and maintained banks provide for adequate water discharge at any time. REFORM allows for safe working in maintaining vegetation.


Time-saving cultivation improves efficiency. Using REFORM throughout the year also helps to boost return on investment.


Conservation of biodiversity at water bodies is achieved through soil-conserving cultivation. REFORM provides exceptionally ecological solutions for a wide range of requirements.

The lightweight design of REFORM vehicles protects the soil. The turf of vegetation remains intact even on wet soil.

The use of the latest engine generations as well as bio hydraulic oils preserve the environment. The high efficiency of travel drive and PTO ensures maximum power at low emissions.

Year-round use


Flails or mulchers are often used to control the growth of vegetation. REFORM has an extensive variety of mulchers for single- and two-axle mowers as well as forestry mulchers for management of undergrowth.


REFORM provides coordinated mower combinations for all vehicles. Cutter bars, rotary disc mowers and sickle mowers are mainly used to maintain vegetation alongside roads. 


For holding the cuttings, REFORM offers the perfect solution with the dedicated built-on self-loading trailer. The REFORM Muli allows mowing and simultaneous holding of the cuttings in one step.


Sowers are used for maintaining a closed turf along the dam or dyke. Using the REFORM vehicles, reseeding of the dams can be performed with high efficiency.

Additional applications

The versatility of the REFORM vehicles provides for efficient year-round use. The wide range of tested attachments ensures efficient use for various applications.

REFORM customers at work

Dyke Management Budenheim (DE)

“We are responsible for the maintenance of flood protection facilities with a total dyke length of 120 km. The REFORM fleet – we have over 10 Metracs and 4 Mulis – allows us to perform all activities such as mulching, mowing, harrowing, swathing, raking and transporting while conserving the soil. We have everything from a single source, which is tried and tested in the adaptation of attachments and also for servicing and repairs.”

Wim van Breda BV (NL)

“The Netherlands have always been shaped by the water. The total area of the Netherlands is 41,500 km², of which 7,700 km² are covered by water. The 3 major rivers are the Rhine, the Meuse and the Scheldt. They flow westward, branch out several times and finally flow into the North Sea. We are proud that for 30 years we have been the exclusive REFORM partner for the Netherlands. In REFORM, we have a strong partner for mowing technology at our side.”