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Roads and motorways


Road maintenance comprises all measures to service, maintain and repair roads and traffic areas. This also includes road cleaning and the maintenance of green areas alongside roads.

All necessary maintenance measures such as mulching, mowing, cleaning, transporting and snow clearing preserve the road infrastructure and increase the safety of road users. The respective design goals on roads and motorways are achieved with REFORM in a safe, efficient and ecological manner.


Stable embankments and well-maintained roads ensure traffic safety. REFORM allows you to work safely on the road and in the embankment area. The ease of use and manoeuvrability ensure safety at all times. Due to the low centre of gravity of the vehicles, even steep areas can be managed perfectly. 


Time-saving cultivation improves efficiency. Using REFORM throughout the year also helps to boost return on investment. The versatility and manoeuvrability of the vehicles allow a variety of jobs to be performed with accuracy.


Conservation of biodiversity in vegetation is achieved through soil-conserving cultivation. REFORM provides particularly ecological solutions for a wide range of requirements.

The lightweight design of REFORM vehicles protects the soil. The turf of vegetation remains intact even on wet soil.

The use of the latest engine generations as well as bio hydraulic oils preserve the environment. The high efficiency of travel drive and PTO ensures maximum power at low emissions.

Year-round use


Flails or mulchers are often used to control the growth of vegetation. REFORM has an extensive variety of mulchers for single- and two-axle mowers as well as forestry mulchers for management of undergrowth.


REFORM provides coordinated mower combinations for all vehicles. Cutter bars, rotary disc mowers and sickle mowers are mainly used to maintain vegetation alongside roads. 

Road maintenance

For cleaning and maintenance of roads and motorways, REFORM provides optimal solutions for every application. Any task such as rinsing, road sweeping and washing can be performed with one vehicle.


Transports of various bulk and solid material are the realm of the REFORM Muli or Boki. The equipment versions differ depending on the requirements, such as 3-side tipper, deposit system, loading crane, deposit tipper, etc.

Winter service

The versatility of the REFORM vehicles provides for efficient year-round use. Our vehicles are successfully used for winter service as well. The combination with a variety of attachments allows efficient use during 365 days a year.

Enthusiastic REFORM customers

Municipality of Oberndorf

“We use the Muli T10 X HybridShift for all work in our community for winter service, with snow plough and Ice-Fighter with 2,000 l brine tank. In summer, we use a top-mounted barrel to sprinkle the parking areas. The versatile 3-side tipper with change attachment is always ready for use for any required transportation.”