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Facts & Figures

REFORM is an innovative and customer-focused family business with an international outlook. The company group includes Reform-Werke in Wels (Austria), Agromont AG in Hünenberg (Switzerland), and Kiefer GmbH in Dorfen (Germany).


REFORM employs around 500 people.

The majority – approx. 370 employees – work at Reform-Werke in Wels. Kiefer GmbH in Dorfen employs around 100 people, and Agromont AG in Hünenberg employs around 40 people.


Reform-Werke currently employs 21 apprentices. From September 2021, 6 apprentices will start their training.

In 1957, the training workshop was founded in Reform-Werke to professionalise apprenticeship training. Since then, some 728 apprentices have completed their training at Reform-Werke. Since 1996, Reform-Werke have been a recognised training company for the federal state and received the INEO award for exemplary training in 2013.


Reform has achieved encouraging growth in recent years. This is largely due to rising sales in Germany and abroad. The aim is to continue to strengthen and expand its presence on the market for the long term. Growth is to be achieved through continuous further development of the existing product portfolio and by adding new products.

Breakdown by sector:
Agriculture & Municipal

REFORM has its origins in mountain agricultural, but the products soon found numerous applications in municipal services. REFORM products are increasingly in use by municipal services, so that the split is now equal between mountain agriculture and municipal services.