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Mountain agricultural technology


Mountain farmers are often severely disadvantaged by the hilly steep slopes. Mountain agricultural technology differs from conventional agricultural technology in particular due to the difficult terrain conditions – however, the activities are often the same.

An agricultural tool that is used in the mountains must be strong, manoeuvrable and, above all, suitable for slopes; standard tractors do not meet these requirements. The main focus must be on the safety of the operator – economy and efficiency are our bonus features.

Why Reform?

REFORM has set itself the goal of eliminating the imbalance between conventional and mountain farmers, by manufacturing products that are essential for working under extreme terrain conditions.

The weight plays an important role on slopes; every kilogram counts. In the development of Reform vehicles, we pay special attention to lightweight construction. The components are optimised for their use. Not only the weight plays a critical role, but also other technical features such as 4 wheel drive, 4 wheel steering with crab steering, low centre of gravity, and the centre tube design. Both our tool carriers and the matching attachments meet these requirements and excel with the highest quality and efficiency.

Lightweight design
For best slope capability and soil protection

Special chassis concepts enable excellent hill capability

Different steering modes
provide for best manoeuvrability
in all situations

Different attachment areas
enable versatile use
365 days a year

Products for mountain agriculture

Use in mountain agricultural technology