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REFORM Motech are single-axle mowers especially designed for steep and rough terrain. Owing to its compact dimensions and multi-functional applications, the Motech is in its element in mountain agriculture, municipal technology and landscaping.

Whether with flail mowers, rotary tillers, portal mowers or the unique "Twister" hay pusher - REFORM motor mowers score with a wide range of applications and make working on steep slopes and embankments particularly comfortable.

Motech CM line

Motech M line

Motech RG line

Motech RM line

Motech in action

Motech M2.09 D with brush cutter bar

Motech RM 16 with finger cutter bar

Motech CM 747 with lawn mower

Motech RM16 with broad gauge mower

Motech RM 7 with twister

Motech RM 9 with road brush

Motech M2.14 L with flail mower

Motech RM 9 with snow blade