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Motech service

For the REFORM Motech, the emphasis is on serviceability and optimal accessibility of the components.


Maintenance is an important factor in maintaining the reliability and performance of a vehicle. All Reform vehicles have standardised maintenance intervals. This simplifies maintenance and significantly increases the value of the vehicle.

The daily maintenance work can be carried out very easily and kept to a minimum. Periodic maintenance can also be carried out quickly and cost-effectively.

Complete service packages are available for many vehicles. These packages include all necessary parts (filters/gaskets, etc.) for the applicable vehicle and are available from your local Reform service partner.

Ease of maintenance

Serviceability and the optimal accessibility of components are essential characteristics of the Reform Motech. All service and maintenance flaps, for example, can be removed easily.

This makes daily service work easier in particular, such as checking and servicing the air filter, engine oil, clutch fluid, hydraulic fluid, etc.