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Lightweight Motech chassis

The REFORM Motech offers different drive concepts, depending on the application and product line. The individual lines also have different the attachment interfaces.

CM line

The compact CM line comes with a manual gearbox as standard. Depending on the model, a 2- or 3-speed shuttle gearbox is available. Shifting is via a smooth jaw-type shift.

Depending on the model, the wheels are driven by a rigid solid axle, an axle with lockable differential gear, or a lockable differential gear with steering brake. The entire drive of the CM line impresses with its compact, light design. The entry-level model for example, weighs just 61 kg - a real lightweight. The attachment – mower drive, road brush, snow blower or rotovator – is mechanically driven by the gearbox.

Depending on the model, a dry cone clutch or an oil-bath multi-disc clutch with PowerSafe® function is installed. The PowerSafe® hydraulic oil-bath clutch in particular allows you to safely manoeuvre the single axle mower. It protects the operator as soon as the dead man's handle is released. The engine continues to run, but the working tool and travel drive are stopped and braked.

M line

The manual transmission installed in the M-Line was developed for extreme steep slopes and impresses with its robustness and durability. The gears are shifted via a smooth-running claw shift. The new wear-free MotionContol clutch ensures optimum driving comfort and maximum safety. This multi-disc clutch in oil bath ensures that as soon as the dead man's grip is released; the working tool and travel drive are stopped and braked and the engine continues to run. 

A 3-speed shuttle is fitted on all models. Depending on the model, wheel drive is via an axle with lockable differential gear or an axle with steering brake clutches.

The entire drive was specially designed for extreme slopes. In addition to a low dead weight, the optimal weight distribution and thus the position of the axle played an important role in the development. The attachment, be it a mower drive or sickle mulcher, is mechanically driven via the gearbox. A conical dry clutch is installed on all models. 

RM line

The RM line is equipped with hydrostatic drives as standard. With this technology it is possible to drive forward and backward continuously, without clutching and shifting. This line is therefore the most comfortable of the Motechs.

In this system, a hydraulic pump delivers the oil flow through steering valves to the wheel motors located directly at the wheels. The robust hydraulic motors always ensure optimum transmission of drive power to the wheels, as both wheels are always driven, thus ensuring maximum traction and safety in every situation.

The drive power for the attachments is mechanically transferred from the engine to the attachment coupling. This achieves an enormous efficiency at the PTO. The hydrostatic drive means that all attachments can always be operated at optimal working speed, regardless of the driving speed. Depending on the model, either dry cone clutches or electromagnetic clutches are installed.

Chassis design

The chassis concept is similar for all three lines. A 4-stroke petrol engine is located in the rear section. Depending on the model, the clutch for travel drive and attachment drive is located on the engine's drive shaft. The line then determines whether there is a gearbox or hydrostat housing in the middle as a supporting part. The axle is integrated into the applicable housing.

Depending on application, the axle location plays a critical role, which is why Motech models are also available with axle adjustment. The interface to various attachments is at the front, integrating the PTO shaft. Depending on the application, a mower drive with cutter bar, a flail mower, a snow blower or similar is then attached at the interface.

CM line

M line

RM line

Interface to the attachment

The central interface has a dual function on all Motech models. Firstly, it is responsible for driving the attachment and, secondly, it is the coupling point to the attachment and therefore also has a load-bearing function.

A PTO speed that is optimally matched to the Motech and the attachment ensures the best working results and comfortable operation. Depending on the design line and model, it is also possible to choose between two PTO speeds. This makes the Motech even more universal and, above all, even more efficient.

The three product lines have different interfaces. In addition to the PTO’s direction of rotation, there are also differences in the type of connection.