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Motech RM 18

The all-rounder for every season.

The Motech RM 18 combines power, compactness and manoeuvrability in one unit and is very comfortable and easy to operate thanks to the DualDrive travel control. The unit is based on a hydraulic double pump and was designed with a standard reversible bar for municipal applications, area maintenance and landscaping.The machine features a smaller track width for working in confined spaces with narrow tools and a centrally positioned axle for easier lifting of heavy attachments. A soft bar bearing makes low-effort and efficient working possible, even over long shifts. The Motech RM 18 is equipped as standard with bar steering or on request with lever steering. The ZeroTurn function also makes it possible to turn quickly on the spot without damaging the soil.

Depending on the application, you can choose from a 1-cylinder engine with 10.3 kW/14 hp or a 2-cylinder engine with 11.8 kW/16 hp for the RM 18.

The benefits at a glance


RM 18.14
4-stroke petrol engine 1-cylinder
10.3 kW/14 hp
3,600 rpm nominal speed
RM 18.16
4-stroke petrol engine 2-cylinder
11.8 kW/16 hp
3,600 rpm nominal speed


Axle with one hydraulic motor per
heel on request Axle widening
tandard reversible bar and
mechanical freewheel switching
Electro-hydraulic bar steering
with zero-turn function
On request electro-hydraulic lever steering


Hydrostatic drive via hydrostatic
double pump and one hydraulic motor per wheel

Speeds up to 8 km/h
Electromagnetic clutch


Mechanical PTO
1000 rpm at 3,600 rpm clockwise
Coupling point
Tool-less quick release lock via stepped connection shank, 78/80 mm
Additional hydraulics optional
2 double acting control units
3.5 litres at 150 bar
for e.g. inclination adjustment with
various attachments

Technical data


RM 18.14: 10.3 kW/14 hp

RM 18.16: 11.8 kW/16 hp

Dead weight without tyres

RM 18.14: 188 kg

RM 18.16: 197 kg

  • Various wheels and wheel combinations
    as well as spike wheels and spike rollers
  • Operating hours meter
  • Lighting components
  • Starter motor
  • Oil cooler
  • External intake
  • Additional Hydraulics


  • Flail mulcher
  • Weed broom
  • Eco mulcher
  • Power harrow
  • Rotovator
  • Reverse cutter
  • Levelling harrow
  • Path care device
  • Road brush
  • Snow blades
  • Snow blowers
  • Rocker arm mower drive with various cutter bars
  • Twin blade cutter bar
  • Broad gauge mowers
  • and much more