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Motech comfort operation

For comfortable, low-fatigue work, great attention has been paid to ergonomic and easy operation in the development of the Motech product lines. The controls of the Motech are always within easy reach either directly on the steering bar or in the middle of the machine's steering bar.

Operation in the CM line

The CM line is synonymous with simple and robust operation. Both the PTO shafts and the gear shift, for example, are centrally located in the middle of the steering bar. Controls that are used frequently during work are located within easy reach on the steering bar. The lever for the PTO and drive clutch, the shuttle gearbox and the throttle lever are installed directly on the steering bar.

Depending on the model, the hand brake, the differential lock or the steering brake levers are also located on the steering bar. In addition, the steering bar is height and side adjustable and therefore can be perfectly adjusted to the operator’s height and the applicable application. Some models also have a reversible bar and are therefore also suitable for use with e.g. rotovators.

Operation in the M line

Simple and convenient operation is a top priority in the M-Line. The tidy cockpit allows easy intuitive operation. All operating elements are located directly on the handlebar, thus enabling quick operation by the user. 

The PTO and gear shifting are well positioned on the handlebar, and the brake is also within easy reach. 


The location of the shuttle gearbox is unique on the M line, as it allows for a very quick change of the driving direction. Again, there is no need to take your hand off the handle, which also makes it safe to operate.

Depending on the model, the switch for the differential lock or the steering brake levers are centrally located as well. The steering bar is continuously height-adjustable as standard and can also be swivelled to the side, depending on the model.

Operation in the RM line

In the RM line, there are two types of operation, depending on the model - twist-grip control and DualDrive control.

There are also different steering variants depending on the model. The height of the steering bar is adjustable on all models. Units with steering bar side adjustment or a swivel bar are also available.

Twist-grip control

A two-piece twist grip means the operator has the machine under control for every manoeuvre. By turning the grip clockwise or anti-clockwise, the machine moves continuously forward or backward with ease without using the clutch or shifting gears. Turning it back to the 0 position will stop the machine. Easy operation, maximum control and safety are therefore guaranteed every time it is used. Depending on the model, the PTO is activated either mechanically via the clutch lever or electromagnetically via a switch.

DualDrive control

The newly developed DualDrive control opens up a whole new world to the operator. User-friendliness and driving comfort have been taken to a new level. It features two separate control units: The driving direction is defined on the left bar, while the operator sets the optimum speed on the right bar. Fatigue-free work is thereby guaranteed.

Left steering bar

The left steering bar is used to pre-select the driving direction via a notched thumbwheel. The operator selects between forward, reverse, or neutral position. The new concept also makes it possible to change the direction of travel while driving. The device then gently reduces the speed and changes the direction of travel. The previous speed is stored, so constant readjustment is a thing of the past.

Left steering bar - driving direction preselection

Right steering bar - driving speed

Right steering bar

On the right steering bar, the operator sets the optimum driving speed via a free-running thumbwheel. A fine tuning feature allows the operator to find the right speed for every application. The right steering bar also has a button to activate the PTO.

The active steering system

The comfortable steering system makes optimum handling and easy manoeuvring of the device possible even on the steepest and roughest terrain. Depending on the model, the steering is activated (except for RM9) by lateral pressure on the steering bar (bar steering) or by actuating the hand lever (lever steering). The drive wheels then rotate at different speeds for precise steering manoeuvres. Some models also have an integrated ZeroTurn function. This means that the device rotates right on the spot. The drive wheels then rotate in opposite directions.

The technology in the background:
With the active steering system, the steering valves respond to the steering commands from the bar or lever steering by distributing the oil quantity delivered by the hydraulic pump differently to the two wheel motors. This means that the machine can be easily and accurately controlled.