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Motech M2.09 D

The light and handy mountain mower.

The Motech M2.09 D is light, handy and reliable. A powerful 4-stroke gasoline engine, which is especially designed for alpine use with a gasoline pump and dry air filter, allows the use in steep terrain. In addition, a low centre of gravity makes the machine extremely suitable for use on slopes. The optimally stepped 3/3 reversing transmission ensures a speed suitable for the work application. The standard lockable differential gear ensures easy manoeuvring. Another point in favour of the compact Motech M2.09 D is the ergonomically designed operation. All operating elements are conveniently located on the left and right hand side of the handlebar. Additional comfort is provided by the excellent vibration damping of the handlebar through large silent blocks.

A clutch brake fitted as standard also ensures even greater safety on steep slopes.


The benefits at a glance


4-stroke petrol engine


6.6 kW / 9 HP

3600 rpm Nominal speed

Axle / steering

Spar with silent blocks
stored low-vibration

optionally with tie-bar side-
adjustment up to +/-20

Axle with differential gear,



Gear drive in oil bath
3/3-speed shuttle
Speeds of
2.3 to 5.8 km/h forward;
backwards max. 4,4 km/h

MotionControl multi-disc clutch in oil bath




768 rpm
at 3600 rpm


Quick lock via
stepped connection pin

Technical data

Power 6.6 kW / 9 hp
Dead weight

ca. 108 kg

Additional equipment
  • Additional wheels, sprocket wheels and sprocket rollers
  • Operating hours counter, tool box on the side of the engine, side rail adjustment up to +/-20°, safety guard
  • REFORM rotary mower drive:
    - Communal bars up to 162 cm
    - Finger bar up to 160 cm
  • REFORM double blade mower drive
    - Double knife cutter bar up to 170 cm
  • Municipal sickle mulcher KS 80
  • Snow plough 120 cm