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Product innovation: Reform Motech RM 18

With the Motech RM 18.14 and RM 18.16 models, REFORM expands its product range for municipal, ground care, gardening and landscaping applications.

Like the RM 16, which won an award at Demopark last year, both the new models are equipped with DualDrive control, which has been field-proven on many different types of job. Above all, customers have praised its ease of use in extreme conditions.

REFORM Motech RM 18.14 and RM 18.16 with the new DualDrive system

The multifunctional Motech RM18 is a compact, easy to use, single-axle equipment carrier for various municipal, ground care, gardening and landscaping applications. The machine stands out with its compact track width for narrow mounted equipment and a central axle for easy lifting of heavy implements. Depending on the version, the Motech RM 18 is available with a 14 hp single cylinder engine or a 16 hp 2-cylinder engine. The RM 18 can be equipped for all-year use with a wide range of mounted equipment.

The multifunctional equipment carrier with its infinitely variable drive system and bar steering as standard can be operated easily and precisely. The steering bar is fully adjustable - its height, pivoting to the side, rotated through 180 degrees and locked in 6 different positions - all without the need for tools. These functions enable convenient operation in confined spaces and around obstacles.

The compact and manoeuvrable RM 18 features the newly developed intuitive DualDrive system that provides the operator with a previously unattained level of convenience. This is characterised by two separate control units: the direction of travel is set on the left-hand bar, while on the right-hand bar the operator sets the optimum speed. A special highlight of the DualDrive system is the Powershuttle function which enables the direction of travel to be changed on the move. The set speed is saved in the memory.

Motech - the new name for the mower range

The new name, which has been introduced at the same time as the Motech RM 18, now covers the whole mower product range. Starting from straightforward geared mowers through to professional hydro-mowers, this product name is now used for all previous models of Reform mower.
The new name is built from the words «motor mower» and «technology» and highlights the fact that these single-axle machines are more than just mowers; they can be used for a wide range of applications all year round.

In addition to the new name, the typology of the machines has been revised to include the horsepower of the machine in the name. For example, the Reform Motech RM 18.16 is a powerful single-axle machine named RM 18 with 16 horsepower.