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Area maintenance attachments

As the Metrac can be used all year round, it can perform a large number of tasks for area maintenance. The manoeuvrability and the 2 attachment areas make the Metrac a valuable companion in area maintenance.


Equipped with a rotating sweeper with a working width of up to 2.2 m, even dirty surfaces pose no problem. The sweeper can be used with or without a dirt container. Rotating side brushes increase the working width and clean even the narrowest winding areas. The sweepers are driven mechanically or hydraulically. To avoid dust, a sprayer supplied with water by a water tank can be mounted at the rear. 

Technical data: 

  • Working width 2 to 2.2 m
  • Mechanical or hydraulic drive
  • Dirt container
  • Weight from 330 kg
  • 3-point linkage Cat. I/II
  • 540 or 1,000 rpm drive

Front or rear bucket

With the transport bucket, which can be mounted either on the front or rear hydraulics, the Metrac masters a variety of light transport tasks. Equipped with a liftgate, even bulk goods can be loaded easily.

Technical data: 

  • Width from 2 m
  • Tilting
  • 2-cylinder system single-acting
  • Weight from 256 kg
  • Payload 1,000 kg
  • 3-point linkage Cat. I