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Boki 2052/Boki 2052 E

Narrow, agile and powerful!

Extremely narrow and manoeuvrable excavators are required for cemeteries, but they also have to meet the highest demands in terms of power and reach. Due to its narrow external width, the hand-guided compact excavator is ideally suited for areas where space is at a premium. The manoeuvrability of a tricycle excavator is particularly in demand in such narrow spaces. With an external width of 83 cm, the Boki 2052 is perfectly suited to even the narrowest of entrances.

The basic version Boki 2052 is equipped with a piano control; the Boki 2052 E is also available with a joystick control for ergonomic working.

Optionally, the excavator can be equipped with a telescopic arm, which also increases the excavator’s radius to reach inaccessible places.

The benefits at a glance


Kubota D1005-E4B 
17.5 kW/23.8 hp
3,000 rpm nominal speed
Emission stage 5


3-wheel chassis
Hydrostatic four-wheel drive
BOKILOCK differential lock system
Hand-guided steering drawbar
Track width 830 – 1250 mm
Tyres 18 x 9.50 - 8 turf tread

Operating characteristics

Overhang 3,750 mm
Lifting force 830 kP at 3,000 mm
Endlessly rotating upper structure

Hydraulic system

Hydraulic pump 2 x 22 l/min
at 180 bar
Piano control or
2-lever joystick control

Technical data

Power17.5 kW/23.8 hp
Dead weightfrom 1,800 kg
Wheelbase1,680 mm
Height in transport position2,115 mm
Maximum reach without telescopic arm3,750 mm
Maximum reach with telescopic arm4,470 mm
Excavation depth without telescopic arm3,150 mm
Excavation depth with telescopic arm3,900 mm
Turning radius1,780 mm