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Boki workplace

A comfortable workplace is crucial for fatigue-free, concentrated work.

Hand-guided excavator cab

A cab with good all-round view, logical arrangement of the controls and pleasant background noise delivers a pleasant working environment. Comfortable entry and the generous space make the Boki a comfortable workplace.

The cabs of the hand-guided excavators have an ergonomic cab, which can be equipped with doors and windows.

Mobile excavator cab

The cabs of the mobile excavators combine maximum comfort and optimum visibility to create the ideal tool. The deluxe cab is equipped with heating and can also be equipped with air conditioning. With the high cooling capacity of the air conditioning system, the driver keeps a cool head even on hot days.

Large glass windows and hinged windows considerably increase working comfort. With a perfect all-round view, the driver always has an excellent view of the surroundings and the excavator, increasing safety and ensuring a stress-free working environment.

To simplify maintenance and repairs, the mobile excavators are equipped with a tilting cab. This tilting cab provides quick and easy access to the main components of the excavator.


A high level of user-friendliness is particularly important for different applications in difficult situations. The driver must be able to find the important functions intuitively.

Piano control
The piano control makes it easy to operate all the important hydraulic functions of the Boki compact excavator. All functions are controlled individually by the various levers.

Joystick control
The convenient joystick control can be used to operate all functions conveniently with 2 different joysticks. The two joysticks can each be moved in 2 directions to carry out the individual operations. With the push of a button, additional functions can be operated by moving the joystick. Movement is via a proportional hydraulic system.

Remote control
The Boki 2051 RC and 2551 RC models can be controlled via wireless remote control. All functions can be operated via the wireless remote control, allowing the operator to operate and control the excavator from a safe distance.

The main functions are operated via 2 ergonomic joysticks; various switches are available for the additional functions. The controller has a powerful transmitter/receiver unit.