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Unique Boki sustainability

Sustainability is something Boki municipal vehicles embody not just in terms of the latest engine technology at the EU6c emission stage, but over the entire product life cycle of the vehicle. This starts with the proper protection of components at the factory, continues through good and long-term supply of spare parts, and ends with easy recycling of the machine at the end of its product life.

MSH steel

No expense and effort were spared on the Boki municipal vehicles when it came to the quality of the steel either. So MSH steel is used here too, With hot-rolled rectangular tube profiles made of St52 steel. 

Hot rolling has the advantage that the material does not become brittle and therefore also reacts elastically to loads in certain ranges. The best conditions for a long service life despite demanding municipal use.

Corrosion protection

Perfect corrosion protection applied at the factory ensures a long service life. The cab and all the metal covers are KTL-coated. Many components on the Boki are made of stainless steel as standard and add to the value of the vehicle. The Dinitrol winter service proofing is applied to the vehicle as standard, providing additional protection for the vehicle. The vehicle is painted with water-soluble two-component paints to reduce the impact on the environment.