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REFORM multi-cut built-on self-loading trailer

The lightweight among the REFORM self-loading trailers.

The Reform multi-cut built-on self-loading trailer, which has been tried and tested on the market for years, is available in 18 m³ and 21 m³ versions, depending on the Muli wheelbase. The conveyor unit can be equipped with up to 12 blades. The cutting length is 110 mm. Three centrally staggered conveyor arms deliver a 12-phase sequence of cuts. This translates to quiet and smooth running with low power. The result is a long service life. However, should a breakdown occur in the season, the loading unit can be replaced quickly and easily. This reduces downtime to a minimum and the device is quickly ready for use again. A 4-row pick-up with a total width of 1,625 mm provides gentle forage intake and contributes significantly to the quality of the forage. Another unique feature of the multi-cut built-on self-loading trailer is that the scraper floor can also be used for the Reform manure spreader. The attachment can be easily changed, making inexpensive combination of attachments possible.

Technical data

Volume18 m³ or 21 m³ (10 m³ or 11 m³ according to DIN11741)
Weight1,340 kg
Conveyor unit
  • REFORM quick-release system
  • Unit drive via chain-angle gearbox
  • 6 split conveyor arms
  • 12 blade interfaces
  • Theoretical cutting length 110 mm


Controlled pick-up with 4 rows of tines, central lubrication points for drive chain; total width: 1,625 mm
TailgateMechanical tailgate, hydraulic tailgate on request
AccessoriesFront wall cover, scraper floor actuation at the bottom