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REFORM PrimAlpin

Maximum loading volume, optimum forage quality.

The REFORM PrimAlpin is the latest generation of the built-on self-loading trailer. Its core is a conveyor unit, which is driven by a gear unit. Milled cam tracks and optimal mounting of the conveyor arms deliver very smooth operation, even in extreme conditions. A 5-row pick-up with a total width of 1,900 mm provides wide and gentle forage intake and contributes significantly to the quality of the forage. The conveyor unit can be equipped with up to 19 blades. The resulting theoretical cutting length of 82.5 mm makes it the leader among self-loading trailers. This allows forage for silage to be cut very short and compacted even better. With a total width of 2.47 m, the PrimAlpin has a volume of 24 m³.

The golden 7 of PrimAlpin

Large volume

With a large loading volume of 24 m³, even exposed areas can be managed easily.

Short cut

82.5 mm theoretical cutting length is ideal for silage operations.


Direct drive via a lateral input gearbox. The conveyor unit is equipped with forged conveyor arms.

Smooth running

A milled cam track on the conveyor unit and plastic rails on the scraper floor ensure smooth running.


Central lubrication bar on the conveyor unit and central chain lubrication are fitted as standard. The entire conveyor unit can also be easily removed or swapped.


Suitable for 4 wheel steering, hydraulic hay top on request.

Hydraulic tailgate

Optimum pick-up oscillation


Optimum pick-up oscillation ensures excellent ground adjustment and optimum loading results. The hydraulic tailgate comes with a new concept, where the cross tube is also raised, delivering the very best unloading results.


Technical data

Volume 24 m³ (13.9 m³ according to DIN 11741)
Weight 1,630 kg
Conveyor unit
  • REFORM quick-release system
  • Unit drive via angular gear
  • Cardan shaft with integrated overload protection
  • Lateral main gearbox (gear drive)
  • 6 split forged conveyor arms
  • Milled cam track
  • 19 blade interfaces
  • Theoretical cutting length 82.5 mm
  • Central lubrication point for conveyor arms


Controlled pick-up with 5 rows of tines, central lubrication points for drive chain; total width 1,900 mm
Tailgate Hydraulic tailgate in a new design: Opening the tailgate also raises the cross tube
Accessories Working lights, blade storage, hydraulic hay top, 3rd sensing roller for pick-up