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Better access, easy maintenance


When it comes to economic efficiency, the new Muli mid-range impresses with easy access to all important vehicle components. This makes maintenance easier and saves time and money.

Convenient maintenance opening

Filters, fluids and lamps can easily be checked through a maintenance opening at the front of the vehicle. All components can be accessed without tools.

Re-designed technical compartment

The technical compartment behind the cab neatly houses all hydraulic components. The entire hydraulic system including the tank can be accessed by removing only a few screws, and all hydraulic connections are positioned on the driver’s side. The AdBlue tank for the new Muli mid-range can also be found here and is easy to access. Due to the working hydraulics' own oil balance, no impurities can get into sensitive vehicle components.

Removable cab

For more extensive repairs, the cab of the new Muli mid-range can be removed in a quick and easy process.

Combined cooling unit

Water, charge air and air conditioning cooling are combined in a compact and robust unit in the new Muli mid-range.