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Good for environment and soil


An efficient engine, low-pressure tyres for the front and rear axles and the true 4 wheel steering – that is how the new Muli mid-range protects the environment and the soil.

Economical and efficient engine

The new Muli mid-range is equipped with a modern level-5 diesel engine which offers an ideal combination of power, torque and low consumption. The engine is equipped with a diesel oxidisation catalytic converter, a diesel particulate filter, an AdBlue tank and exhaust gas recirculation. With its compact dimensions, the engine is one of the most lightweight models in its performance class. 

Gently on the soil with true 4 wheel steering

The steering system allows 3 steering types – front steering, 4 wheel steering and crab steering. The true 4 wheel steering allows highly precise manoeuvring on a small footprint while protecting the soil. To ensure manageable vehicle control at higher speeds, the maximum speed when using 4 wheel steering is automatically limited to 20 kph. 

Low-pressure tyres are gentle on the soil

Low-pressure tyres including the optional auxiliary wheels on the front and rear axles without steering angle limit ensure maximum soil protection. This allows the new Muli midrange to reduce soil compaction and ensure a healthy soil climate. The same steering angle on front axle and rear axle additionally allows turning in the field without tensions and protects the turf. For municipal use, a wide range of road tyres are also available.