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Logical and intuitive operation


The new Muli mid-range features a logical control concept and clearly structured displays. This allows drivers to quickly become familiarised with the many functions so they can start working immediately.

Logical control concept

All function switches for the new Muli mid-range are arranged into logical groups and positioned directly on the dashboard for optimum accessibility. The 100 % differential locks and the PTO coupling are operated electrohydraulically from here with push-buttons. The new Muli mid-range is now also equipped with external controls in the front area for easy and safe linking of attachments.

Arm rest with controller (R-COM) and joystick

The arm rest is permanently connected to the driver’s seat and contains all important functions of the Muli. This makes operation easy, ergonomic and safe – even on steep hills. The multi-function joystick and the central controller R-COM can be accessed easily at any time and can be operated while supporting your arm

Clearly structured displays

A central 4.3” information display with 3 analogue display units and 32 indicator lights can be operated with buttons or with the R-COM controller. The T8 X model is equipped with an auxiliary 7” display for controlling hydraulic functions, the climate control and various vehicle statuses. 

Automatic linkage system

The linkage automation comes in handy when two attachments are used at the same time. It allows individual automation of the lifting and lowering of the attachments.