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Transport attachments

The REFORM Muli is ideal for transport work. Thanks to the four full attachment areas, crane/tipper combinations or hook devices, for example, can be easily attached. Depending on the model, the Muli transports loads up to a vehicle gross weight of 9500 kg quickly and reliably.

3-side tipper

This individually adaptable attachment, available in steel or aluminium, transforms the Muli into an efficient transport vehicle. In addition to different tipper lengths and widths, tipper-crane combinations can also be installed on the Muli. Again, another particular advantage here is that the entire tipper-crane combination can be easily removed with the Reform quick-release system. The crane does not have to stay on the vehicle, which has a positive effect on the payload in other applications.

Technical data:

  • Weight from 670 kg
  • Tipper widths from 1,970 – 2,120 mm
  • Length per wheelbase: 3,000 or 3,300 mm
  • Platform bed height from 990 mm

Deposit systems

A Muli with integrated deposit system combines the advantages of flexibility, functionality and versatility with the tried and tested REFORM features. No matter whether winter service, transport or area maintenance, the required device is mounted and ready for use in no time. The hook lift is conveniently operated using a joystick or remote control. Automated attachment locks, rear and side underrun protection and safety nets are used to secure vehicles and loads.

Technical data:

  • Weight from 500 kg
  • Payloads from 4,200 – 5,200 kg
  • Hook height approx. 900 mm

Flexible cranes behind the cab or at the rear end

Different loading cranes from well-known manufacturers provide an optimum combination of equipment with a tipper. This increases flexibility, as transport and loading is quick and easy with the Muli. All Muli models with crane attachment also feature crane controls integrated in the vehicle. All safety-related parameters are activated, taking the workload off the operator. With an extensive range of accessories such as remote control and various grippers, nothing stands in the way of customising for your application.


Besides a wide range of attachments, the REFORM Muli can also be used to tow trailers. A selection of different pin trailer hitches and ball couplings can be used to transport fifth wheel and central axle trailers or even tandem axle trailers. Depending on the Muli model, an optional air pressure brake system can also be fitted, which makes it possible to tow trailers weighing up to 10,000 kg. The PTO connection at the rear or optional hydraulic connections at the rear also ensure the unit can be customised for your application.