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Boki operating characteristics

Thanks to innovative solutions, REFORM Boki Excavators are reliable partners when it comes to demanding excavations.

Cranked lifting arm

A long reach and excavation depth are important prerequisites for using a Boki cemetery excavator. Thanks to the cranked lifting arm, even deep graves can be dug easily without the boom colliding with or damaging the edge.

Telescopic arm

If long reaches are required, the Boki cemetery excavators can be equipped with a telescopic arm. This allows the boom to be extended to a reach of up to 7 m. The telescopic arm is adjusted hydraulically via a double-acting cylinder. The internal cylinder is optimally protected against dirt and damage. Thanks to the telescopic arm, the excavation depth and radius can be increased substantially.


The new LIFD (load pressure independent flow distribution) system exploits the advantages of classic load sensing systems combined with an improvement, which makes it possible to supply all active hydraulic consumers with oil in the event of undersaturation. This system makes it possible to significantly increase the efficiency of the hydraulics while reducing fuel consumption.

Quick-release system

The Boki Excavators can be equipped with a quick-release system so that the various tools can be changed quickly. The quick-release system means the gripper can be replaced in seconds by a load hook or exhumation fork.

Heart-shaped gripper

The heart-shaped gripper gives you particularly gentle excavation. The special shape of the gripper makes it narrower when closing. This prevents the outer wall from being damaged or collapsing.


All Boki Excavators have solid supports for safe working. In combination with a low centre of gravity and a wide support, safe working is guaranteed in every situation. The supports are extended/retracted hydraulically and has various options. There are different types of folding telescopic supports available. Alternatively the front shield support can be replaced by support legs.


The lateral adjustment of the supports on the compact excavators and on the 2651 is achieved via forged toothed pulleys; on the larger mobile excavators 4552/6552 this function can be carried out hydraulically. Each support is operated individually via the central hydraulic control unit. The supports can be extended and retracted hydraulically.