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Boki attachment areas

The Boki is designed so that attachments can be mounted at the back of the main frame. However, devices can also be mounted at the front and at the rear.

The four attachment areas

The Boki chassis is designed to mount changeable attachments. Quick-change attachments are either placed directly on the tipper bridge or on the ball mounts. Different attachments can be used, such as winter service devices, leaf vacuum, crane, deposit tipper, water tanks, and many more. They gives you a compact, versatile work machine.

All Boki municipal vehicles feature 4 full attachment areas for a large range of attachment options. In addition to the main frame, there is also the front attachment area where, for example, a snow plough, snow blower, mower decks, sprinkler, extension boom mulcher, and many other devices can be attached. A platform frame serves as a mounting point for loading cranes, which can be mounted either directly behind the cab or at the rear. Last but not least, the Boki also comes with a rear attachment area, where different 3-point attachments, the suction mouth of the road brush or a trailer can be coupled.


Whether hydraulics, PTO or electrical interfaces – the Boki is optimally equipped for every job.

Working hydraulics

Depending on the model, different hydraulic options are available for the Boki. There are different hydraulic packages, depending on the application and attachment. The standard is a 1-circuit hydraulic system with a capacity of 57 l/min at 200 bar. However, the hydraulic system can be extended up to a capacity of 84 l/min at 300 bar or 105 l/min at 250 bar and 2 hydraulic circuits with LIFD control. For very demanding applications, depending on the model, a heavy-duty hydraulic system with 189 l/min at 300 bar is available, which achieves a theoretical output of 94 kW. All hydraulic functions are conveniently controlled with a joystick. There is also an extensive range of upgrade accessories for the individual hydraulic equipment versions with standard flat-sealing hydraulic couplings, such as additional hydraulic valves with front and rear lines, weight compensation options and biohydraulic oil. The hydraulic system of the Boki can therefore be adapted perfectly to the specific requirements.

Tool-less change of attachments

The standard front linkage with coupling triangle and the flat-sealing hydraulic couplings make it possible to change attachments quickly, within minutes. A tool is not necessary. When designing the Boki municipal vehicles, we made sure that all attachments can be changed without tools. Device mounting frames can be installed in addition to the coupling triangle.