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The comfortable Boki workplace

A comfortable workplace is crucial for fatigue-free work. A high level of user-friendliness is particularly important for different applications, in critical situations or with frequent driver changes. The driver must be able to find the important functions intuitively. High-quality materials and clearly arranged controls and indicators round off the high-quality appearance of the cabs.


In the Boki municipal vehicles, two full-size seats for the driver and passenger are installed even in the narrow 130 cm version of the cab. The right seat for the driver and passenger can be selected for every user for a clear range of different seats. Whether hydraulically cushioned or air-cushioned comfort seats, with or without protective cover, there is a large selection of different seats and seating options for the driver and passenger seat.

On request, the Boki municipal vehicles can also be equipped with the 170 cm wide cab with 3 seats. This version comes with a passenger bench with adjustable head restraints instead of a passenger seat.


When developing the Boki cab, emphasis was placed on creating large free spaces for the driver and passenger. Comfortable seats, ergonomic placement of the controls, pleasant air conditioning of the cab and an excellent all-round view create the perfect working conditions. A particularly low noise level and great freedom of movement ensure relaxed working even during long periods of use. 

A low sill facilitates entry and exit into/from the Boki enormously and is another feature of the ergonomic workplace. The cab meets the highest safety standards and is tested for occupant protection. The steel cab is equipped with high-strength special profiles. The cab is KTL-coated as standard; on request, it can also be hot-dip galvanised. The cab can be tilted forward as standard, making daily inspection, maintenance and service much easier.


The well-organised cockpit with a centrally located information panel shows the driver all the important information and data at a glance. Lateral mounting provides a perfect view of all important vehicle information and front attachments. Clearly separated pilot lights and indicators continuously provide the driver with essential information. So the driver can fully focus on work.

All-round view

Thanks to the low overall height, the driver can easily access the workstation. A large and generous windscreen allows the best possible view of the front attachment. The driver and passenger doors are equipped with sliding windows, which can be opened wide. The two doors also have a window at the bottom of the door, which provides an optimal view of any obstacles such as kerbs. At the rear of the cab, the Boki has a large window for a good view to the rear.

Left/right-hand drive

All Boki municipal vehicles come with left-hand drive as standard. However, they can also be used for different applications, such as sweeping. On request, the Boki can therefore be equipped with right-hand drive, also making it suitable for countries that drive on the left.