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Safety on any terrain


For versatile hill tool carriers like the Metrac, extreme hill capability, optimum soil protection, and maximum safety are crucial for man and machine.

Optimised all-terrain chassis

Mounting the engine and the cab at centre of gravity level further improved the hill capability of the Metrac series. In addition to this, the front axle oscillation (up to 15°) ensures maximum ground contact at all times.

Proven 4 wheel drive

The standard 4 wheel drive allows maximum power transfer to the ground through optimum distribution of the driving forces to both axles. When 4 wheel steering is active, the front and rear wheels run exactly in the same line, ensuring absolutely tension-free traction of all 4 wheels. The electro-hydraulically activated front and rear differential locks offer best possible traction on difficult terrain.

Intelligent 4 wheel steering system

The standard 4 wheel steering system of the new Metrac H75 with five steering modes allows optimum adaptation to ground and terrain. Front, rear, 4 wheel and crab steering as well as offset 4 wheel steering can easily be switched at the push of a button. 

Hydrostatic drive

The hydrostatic drive with two speed ranges and two terrain gear reductions enables continuous adaptation of the driving speed in foot or hand driving mode. The system is completed by the electro-hydraulic spring brake with an auto hold function which allows smooth and judder-free setting off on hills.