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Attachment areas

The REFORM Metrac is designed for mounting attachments both at the front and at the rear.

The two attachment areas

There are therefore two full-size attachment areas available for a large number of tools. The robust linkage with standard mounting points facilitate quick mounting and removing of attachments, making the system a versatile and universal tool. 

Front linkage

The strong, axle-guided front linkage provides the best possible ground adjustment thanks to pivot points located far behind the front axle. The weight compensation as standard provides higher traction and better climbing capability, combined with best possible ground adjustment and soil protection. Lateral displacement ensures even greater slope capability by shifting the centre of gravity, enabling work to be carried out close to obstacles and making mounting and dismounting attachments considerably easier. With a total adjustment range of 400 mm, the front attachment can always be adapted to the given situation.

Hydraulic lateral displacement

Rotating angle front linkage

Hydraulic weight compensation

The front linkage with electro-hydraulic weight compensation allows the driver to control the ground pressure of front attachments conveniently from the cab. The hydraulic system transfers a large part of the attachment`s ground pressure to the front wheels via a specified, adjustable residual pressure in the hydraulic cylinders. The mower virtually hovers above the ground, requiring less pushing force and engine power, increasing climbing capability and traction, and going easy on the turf.

Hydraulic vibration damping

Vibration damping neutralises all vibrations caused by heavy attachments during fast driving, minimising impact load. This means more comfort and safety, and less wear for your Metrac including attachment when working. The activatable vibration damping is available for the front linkage and/or the rear linkage.

Rear linkage

The robust 3-point rear linkage is equipped with double acting cylinders, which can be switched to single acting. The high lifting forces also make it possible to use heavy attachments.

A particularly helpful feature for mounting attachments conveniently and fast is the standard exterior electric control of the linkages, as for the font linkage.

Front and rear PTO

The PTO is driven via a multi disc clutch on G models and via a single-disc dry clutch on H models. The high efficiency of the electro-hydraulically (not on G3 / G3 X) power shiftable PTO with 540 rpm makes the efficient use of attachments possible. The PTO speed of 1000 rpm is also available as an option on some models. 

The rear PTO is electro-hydraulically power switchable and ensures soft starting of attachments with the automatic soft-start feature (not on the G3 / G3 X: rear gearbox PTO). 540 rpm or 540 and 1,000 rpm speeds are available as an option.

Working hydraulics

Powerful working hydraulics with comfort operation. 

The hydraulics block with electromagnetic controls is the basis for meeting the various requirements for attachment operation both at the front and at the rear. The control valves are conveniently operated from the multi-function control lever or the control panel to the right of the driver. The hydraulic couplings are easily accessible and marked with both colours and symbols, which makes mounting of attachments so much easier. 

The oil system for the hydrostatic drive is independent of the working hydraulics, so that no oil is mixed or polluted.