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The tried and tested REFORM Metrac chassis consists of the front and the rear carriage, which are connected by a central joint.

Metrac chassis

The chassis of the REFORM Metrac is designed for mounting attachments both at the front and at the rear. There are therefore two full-size attachment areas available for a large number of tools. The robust linkages with standardised mounting points provide for quick mounting and removing of attachments. 

Central joint and oscillating axle

The pivoting central joint between the oscillating front axle and the rear axle makes sure that all 4 wheels have permanent traction, ensuring safe driving behaviour in every situation. You get full power transfer and optimum soil protection, even in rough terrain.

The centre tube provides the robust link between front and rear axles. Cab and engine are each mounted on 4 rubber mounts to dampen vibration. Vibrations are neutralised at their very source.

Final drive - Four-wheel drive - Locks

Robust driving/steering axles with planetary gear final drives deliver high pulling force and protect the drive train. The drive shafts are exposed to lower forces, so they can be built in a lighter design. This saves weight and improves soil protection.

The four wheel drive (switchable front-wheel drive) facilitates maximum power transfer to the ground by optimal distribution of the driving force to both axles. With 4 wheel steering activated, the front and rear wheels run exactly in the same track, ensuring absolutely tension-free traction of all 4 wheels.

The electro-hydraulically operated front and rear differential locks ensure optimum traction on difficult terrain.

Steering and steering modes

The hydrostatic steering system with four steering modes is the cherry on the top of this chassis concept. The steering mode can be switched conveniently at the push of a button, even while driving. The Metrac has 4 steering modes: front steering, rear steering, 4 wheel steering and crab steering.

The “smart” steering system:
Sensors report the straight wheel alignment to the steering control unit, which makes fully automatic switching of steering modes possible.

Wheels and tyres

A large selection of different tyres provides optimum grip for all applications. The wide low-pressure tyres with various special profiles ensure maximum traction, low ground pressure and reliable turf protection. They provide grip on difficult soils and steep slopes. Even better slope capability and soil protection are delivered by the front and/or rear auxiliary tyres. They can be attached and removed quickly with a quick-release lock. The low-pressure tyres with narrow tread deliver maximum soil protection, the agricultural tyres provide high traction and stability, and the turf tread is ideal for intensive lawn care.