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Drive train

The REFORM Metrac models are available either with a mechanical speed change gearbox or with a continuously variable hydrostatic drive. 


The hydrostatic drive with 4 speed ranges delivers continuous speed adjustment to the working conditions and provides additional safety on slopes thanks to continuous traction. 

Choose your driving mode:

  • Manual with the multi-function driving lever
    Continuous F/R control with notch in neutral position, for efficient use in partial load operation at low engine speed.
  • Automotive via accelerator pedal
    For use with snow blower or flail mower, when high PTO speed and high power is needed.

The hydrostatic drive operates from the diesel engine to the variable pump, which forms a hydraulic circuit with the variable motor, and from there mechanically via the downstream 2-stage shuttle gearbox to the wheels.


Shifting made easy!

The Metrac G4 X – G7 RX series comes with a synchronised shuttle gearbox as standard to provide fast, accurate and safe shifting in every situation. The close gear stepping optimally exploits the powerful engine output and provides the right driving speed for any type of work. The manual speed change gearbox has four gears, which the two- or three-stage shuttle gearbox translates to 8 or 12 gears.

2 gearbox variants:

  • 8 F / 8 R gears
  • 12 F / 12 R gears ( incl. 4 creep speeds)

Metrac G3 and G3X have a shuttle gearbox with 8 forward and 8 reverse gears - the final speed is 20 or 23 km/h, depending on the tyres.

The benefits of the mechanical speed change gearbox are obvious:

  • Maximum pulling force in all operating conditions
  • Closely and evenly stepped gears
  • Short, direct shifting travel
  • Low starting speeds, especially in the road gear group
  • All gears are shifted in both directions of travel


Separate oil system

With powerful Bosch-Rexroth hydrostatic components, the Metrac models have a powerful drive. The oil system for the hydrostatic drive is independent of the working hydraulics, so that no oil is mixed or polluted.

The drive is cooled by an electrically driven oil cooler. This cooler switches on automatically when needed.