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Muli attachment areas

The Muli is designed so that attachments can be semi-mounted at the rear of the main frame. But devices can also be mounted at the front and rear.

The four attachment areas

The Muli chassis is designed for mounting changeable attachments. Quick-change attachments such as tipper, self-loading trailer, winter service attachments, leaf vacuum, crane, deposit tipper and many more make the vehicle a compact and versatile workhorse. All Muli models feature 4 full attachment areas for a large range of tools and attachments. In addition to the main frame, there is also the front attachment area where, e.g., a snow plough, snow blower, leaf vacuum or rotary disc mower can be mounted. A platform frame serves as attachment point for loading cranes, which can be mounted either directly behind the cab or at the rear. Last but not least, the Muli also has a rear attachment area where different 3-point attachments or a trailer can be coupled.

REFORM quick-release system

The Reform quick-release system makes it easy and quick to mount semi-trailers such as self-loading trailer, manure spreader or 3-side tipper. The devices are simply connected to the hook end at the rear axle of the Muli. A special highlight of the self-loading trailer, for example, is that even the drive without cardan shaft is coupled directly to the PTO shaft end. In addition to the enormous time savings when coupling attachments, this system also scores points for convenience and safety.


Whether hydraulic system, PTO or electrical interfaces – the Muli is optimally equipped for every application:

  • Front attachment plate/front linkage
  • Front PTO and rear PTO
  • Hydraulic system (front, centre, rear)
  • Electrical connections
  • Quick-release systems
  • Rear linkage, trailer hitches

Working hydraulics

Depending on the model, different hydraulic equipment is available for the Muli. There are mechanical or electrical control valves as well as operation via a joystick. Different hydraulic versions can have connections at the front of the cab, behind the cab or at the rear. The hydraulic system can therefore be perfectly adapted to requirements. Equipment such as the multi-coupler, an additional hydraulic pump for demanding tasks or a proportional hydraulic system are also available as custom equipment.


For attachments that are mechanically driven via the PTO, the Muli has a PTO with different speeds at the rear as well as at the front. Depending on the model, 540 or 1,000 rpm are available at the rear PTO. Depending on the Muli, an optional front PTO with 540 or 1,000 rpm can also be installed.

Electrical system

All electrical interfaces are on the vehicle so that all attachments can be operated and controlled optimally. From the usual 13-pin connector for different lightings to the pulse socket with cable lead-through, everything can be fitted on the Muli.