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High-torque Muli engines

With powerful diesel engines from 74.8 to 109 hp, REFORM offers a wide range of different engines.

Engine technology

The flexible and extremely efficient 4-cylinder engines deliver very high torque over a wide speed range and benefit from enormous engine output and good torque increase. The high torque ensures full power for applications in the partial load range and the good torque increase delivers high power for heavy-duty transport as well. The engine is flanged directly to the gearbox in block design.

Modern, powerful turbo-diesel common-rail 74.8 to 109 hp engines with 3 l displacement from VM Motori ensure maximum efficiency and master every task effortlessly.

Exhaust gas treatment

The different performance classes require different types of exhaust gas treatment. The requirements for exhaust gas treatment increase with higher engine performance and are specified and being made stricter and stricter by law in various countries. REFORM complies with all legal regulations throughout its product range and always offers its customers the latest technology for engines and exhaust gas treatment.

The more stringent emission levels reduce various pollutants in the exhaust gases of diesel engines.

  • Carbon monoxide (CO)
  • Hydrocarbon (HC)
  • Nitrogen oxide (NOx)
  • Particulate matter (PM)

Installing different exhaust gas treatment systems greatly reduces emissions of pollutants.

Engines with emission level 5 up to 75 PS

The models with 74.8 hp have exhaust gas recirculation and a diesel particulate filter. This equipment meets the legal requirements for level 5. The Muli models are equipped with self-regenerating particulate filters. The closed-loop particle filter system with active regeneration reduces soot emissions by over 98%. The system also absorbs and eliminates 99.9% of the particulate matter.

Engines with emission levels 4 and 5

In the performance class above 75 hp, an oxidation catalytic converter is installed in addition to the regenerating particulate filter for environmental reasons. With the additional SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) and the AdBlue additive, the engines already meet the strict level 4 emission regulations. Thanks to automatic regeneration of the DPF and the maintenance-free SCR, exhaust gas treatment maintenance has been reduced to a minimum.

In this performance class, there are also engines at EU6c/emission level 5 in addition to emission level 4. In addition to the above exhaust gas treatment systems, the NOX and particulate levels are also measured while driving. That means additional protection of the environment.

Fuel tank

All Muli models are equipped with a generous 120-litre fuel tank. This means that nothing stands in the way of an extended working day, as the fuel is sufficient for at least one working day or even longer, depending on the workload.

In the performance classes above 75 hp, an AdBlue tank with a capacity of 15 litres is installed in addition to the fuel tank.