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Versatile through 4 attachment points


The suspension of the Muli is specially designed for holding swap bodies and attachments. 4 attachment points turn it into a universal transporter for any time of year. 

4 fully-featured attachment points

Quick-change attachments turn the Muli into a compact, versatile machine. 4 fully-featured attachment points (main frame, front linkage, platform frame, rear linkage/trailer hitch) offer comprehensive multi-functionality for different applications. The adjustable suspension and the quick-release system with automatic PTO centring in combination with the REFORM built-on self-loading trailer allow fast swapping of bodies.

New platform frame with higher payload

Despite a lighter design, a new platform frame increased the rigidity and the axle loads. The resulting increased max. permissible gross weight is 8,100 kg (T7 X) and 9,500 kg (T8 X, T8 X pro), while the dead weight of the vehicles has remained virtually unchanged compared to the previous models.

Working hydraulics for any application

The new Muli mid-range offers finely tuned working hydraulics. The version with a dual pump on the Muli T7 X features on optimised position of the mechanical valves. The multi-stage concept with a triple pump on the T8 X model offers additional options such as proportional valves and a Powerlink connection. Weight compensation and vibration damping have been optimised on all new models.