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Attachments for winter service

With an extensive range of snow ploughs, attachment options for salt, brine and grit spreaders as well as powerful snow blowers, the Muli is a reliable partner for winter service. The four-wheel drive and the 4 wheel steering in combination with powerful engines mean that it can be used in urban areas as well as on passes and in the mountains. Great importance is placed on durability, user-friendliness and flexibility as well.

Snow plough

The snow plough is an important attachment for winter service. Depending on the task, two-blade snow ploughs with hydraulic inclination or Vario snow ploughs are used. Two-blade snow ploughs are particularly suited for use outside urban areas. Vario snow ploughs are very popular in urban areas thanks to their compact design and ability to adjust individual shares. They are always convenient to operate via the joystick.

Technical data:

  • Plough widths from 2.2 – 2.8 m
  • Weight from 500 kg
  • Including hydraulic lift/push unit
  • Attachment via standard attachment mounting plate size 3 or Reform mounting plate

Snow blower

It is often only the snow blower that can remove large volumes of snow, which is frequently hard as well. The Muli is driven mechanically, which guarantees high blowing performance. The large cutting drums and the aggressive impellers give the snow blowers very high displacement performance. A working width of 2.2 m ensures efficient snow clearing, even for large volumes of snow. The driver adjusts the discharge chute (240°), the flaps and the lateral inclination using the ergonomic joystick.

Technical data:

  • Clearing width 2.2 m
  • Clearing height: up to 94 cm
  • Cutter drum diameter 65 cm
  • Impeller diameter 55 cm
  • Weight: 670 kg
  • Standard attachment mounting plate size 3


Top-mounted and twin-chamber spreaders deliver targeted and path-dependent spreading of blunting (grit) and thawing (salt/brine) materials. Great importance is placed on the durability and robustness of the materials as well. Reinforced floors, special winter service preservation and the use of stainless steel are all a matter of course. The spreaders can be mounted either directly on the Muli chassis or on the 3-side tipper.

Technical data:

  • Solid material capacity: 1.4 – 2.3 m³
  • Brine capacity: 600 – 820 l
  • Spreading widths: Continuous 1–6 m