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A comfortable workplace is crucial for fatigue-free work. Great ease of use is particularly important for various applications, in critical situations or when the driver changes frequently. The driver must be able to find the important functions intuitively. High-quality materials and clearly arranged switches and indicators round off the high-quality appearance of the cabs.

The premium cab

Development of the premium cab focused on creating large free spaces for driver and passenger. Comfortable seats, ergonomic arrangement of the controls, pleasant air conditioning of the cab and an excellent all-round view create the perfect working conditions. A particularly low noise level and great freedom of movement ensure relaxed working, even during long periods of use.

The mid-range cab

The mid-range cab stands out thanks to its lightweight design, compact dimensions and ergonomic, robust operation. This cab comes into its own in narrow and low passages in particular. During development, great importance was also placed on simplicity and ergonomic arrangement of controls. Last but not least, comfortable seats and excellent all-round view ensure a relaxed working environment.



The clearly arranged cockpit, located in the central information panel of the cab, shows the driver all important information and data at a glance. Installation to the side provides an excellent view of all important vehicle information and of front attachments. Clearly separated indicator and warning lights continuously provide the driver with essential information, so the driver can fully focus on work. The premium T10X HybridShift model uses the Reform Assistance System (RAS), which gives the operator all features such as operator guidance system, power limit control, Eco mode and much more.


Depending on the model, there are different versions of the hydraulic system. Both mechanical and electrical control of the hydraulic actuators are available.


In addition to the hydraulic functions, the suspension comfort, steering modes, centre differential and differential locks can be controlled ergonomically. A clear colour structure of the individual functions keeps the dashboard tidy and gives the driver an optimum overview.

Mechanical control

Mechanical control is via several levers, depending on the level of equipment. It is a highly appreciated way to control the hydraulic system, located in easy reach to the side of the seat, so that it can be used ergonomically.

Electrical control

Electrical control of the hydraulics is via a joystick. Depending on the model, it is located directly in the dashboard or is ergonomically integrated in the driver's armrest. Working with the joystick is particularly comfortable when operating a snow plough, for example.


The wide door opening and the generous space make the Muli a comfortable workplace. The premium cab is equipped with heating and air conditioning. The tilt-adjustable steering column ensures an optimum seating position.

An optional stereo radio makes the working day even more pleasant.

Seat comfort

The Muli offers a large range of different seats for both driver and passenger. Whether with cloth or leatherette cover, mechanical suspension or air-cushioned, with lap or 3-point seat belt, with or without seat heater. There is a suitable seat in the portfolio for everyone.

An optional stereo radio makes the working day even more pleasant.

Air conditioning

In addition, depending on the model, the air conditioning and ventilation system controls are located in the dashboard or in the roof area. With the high cooling capacity of the air conditioning system, the driver keeps a cool head even on hot days. A courtesy light linked to the lights perfectly illuminates the driver’s operating panel at night as well.